The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova is preparing the necessary steps for the referendum. Igor Grosu: "Now we have a chance for a better present"

The Parliament is preparing the necessary steps to establish the organization of the Republican Constitutional Referendum on the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union as well as the presidential elections on October 20, said the Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu. According to the Parliament Speaker, after the voting of the project by the deputies, it will be sent to the Central Electoral Commission to start the procedure for holding the republican referendum in accordance with the legislation in force.

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"On October 20, the voice of the people will clearly say in which direction we want to take the Republic of Moldova. The sovereign decision of the citizens will also be enshrined in the Constitution. This country project is not the project of a person, it is not the project of a political party. This project belongs to all citizens and is for future generations. For the first time in the last decades, we live not only the hope of a better future, but we feel that now we have the chance of a better present and the duty to bring the Republic of Moldova into the European Union", declared Igor Grosu.

We remind you that, yesterday, the PAS fraction registered in the Parliament the draft decision regarding the holding of the republican constitutional referendum, after the Constitutional Court on April 16 gave a positive opinion to the Action and Solidarity Party's initiative to organize this plebiscite.

Meanwhile, the parliamentary opposition and some extra-parliamentary parties have announced that they will urge their supporters to boycott the referendum.

It will be organized on October 20, 2024, and citizens will answer the question: "Are you in favor of the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union?".

We remind you that the referendum on the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union was initiated by President Maia Sandu and will be held together with the presidential elections. The Parliament also amended the Electoral Code.

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