Glodeni: Fundurii Vechi village modernization projects, made with European funds

A village in Glodeni district is continuously developing thanks to European investments. It is the success story of the village of Fundurii Vechi, which in recent years has been rapidly modernizing. The local gymnasium and kindergarten have been renovated, the Health Center is equipped, the sidewalks are paved, and the young people have a sports field.

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The renovation of the gymnasium cost almost 1 million lei, money provided by the EU, and the kindergarten was repaired thanks to the financial support of the Romanian Government.

"The European funds that were brought by the local public administration together with the subordinate institutions, initially it was 1999-2000, when the school was repaired, the roof, floors, doors, on all three floors were overhauled and it cost 1 million lei from European funds", says the former gymnasium director Valeriu Pogurschi.

Thanks to the aid granted by the European Union, the gymnasium and kindergarten are heated with biomass energy.

"We won a 1.4 million lei project from UNDP, where we built three boiler rooms based on biomass and solar batteries at the kindergarten. The gymnasium was heated with liquefied gas and when the temperatures were low, the gas solidified and we had big problems. This is why we decided to build an alternative", says the former mayor of the locality, Emilia Vieru.

Access to water in educational institutions in the village is no longer a problem. And because a healthy society requires sports and communication, a mini stadium with an artificial cover was built in the locality, where young people play football, volleyball and basketball.

"This stadium has been in operation for over 6 years, it is an extremely good and beneficial thing not only for the children, but for all the inhabitants of this village. Children come with enormous pleasure.";

"I come here and train because in the future I want to become a famous footballer."

Village residents also benefit from quality medical services. The Health Center moved into a new building and was equipped with a laboratory, procedure and immunisation office, as well as a pharmacy. And the sidewalks in the town are paved with European money. Currently, also thanks to external funding, a waste sorting and evacuation project is underway for almost a thousand households in the village.

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