A delegation of Lithuanian parliamentarians is on a working visit to Chisinau

Members of a delegation of the Seimas from Lithuania are making a working visit to the Republic of Moldova, between May 21-24. According to the Legislative, the delegation includes the vice-president of the European Affairs Committee, Marius Matijošaitis, the member of the Legal Affairs Committee, Vilius Semeška, and the former representative of the Seimas in the European Parliament, the head of the Interpretation and Translation Department of the Seimas Secretariat, Loreta Raulinaityte.

The Lithuanian officials will have meetings with the Parliament Speaker, Igor Grosu, with the president of the Foreign Policy and European Integration Commission, Ina Coșeru, with the president of the National Security, Defense and Public Order Commission, Lilian Carp, as well as with the president of the Friendship Group with the Republic of Lithuania, Ion Babici. The program of the visit also includes meetings with representatives of the Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Chancellery. During the discussions, topics related to the European path of the Republic of Moldova, the assistance and support that Lithuania can give to our country in the process of European integration will be addressed.

According to the agenda, the Lithuanian officials will also pay a visit to the Drochia district, where they will talk with the representatives of the local public authorities.

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