Pesticide warehouse in Taraclia, devastated

Several residents of the town of Taraclia, but also from nearby towns, are stealing construction materials from the territory of a warehouse, where dry pesticides and unidentified liquids were previously kept. The Environmental Protection Inspectorate has sounded the alarm and warns that the objects are soaked with chemicals dangerous to health.

The warehouse where pesticides were previously stored is without a roof and a fence, and now the brick from which it was built is being stolen. Moreover, the trees on the territory are also cut down. Local people say they try to avoid the area because they are aware of the risks they are subject to.

"I grew up in that region, I know about this warehouse. Then it was orderly and very secure. I think the authorities will not leave this problem unsolved".

"Everything that comes into contact with pesticides is dangerous. People take material from there, we can understand them too. Of course it is a danger".

The Environmental Protection Inspectorate sounds the alarm and urges people not to bring home items from the former chemical warehouse in Taraclia.

"The warehouse was functional, it had a roof, a fence, a gate, and windows. These building materials for 10 years have been saturated with various chemicals, dangerous to health. We repeatedly appeal to the public authorities about the need to intervene in order to take stringent measures", declares the head of IPM, Taraclia, Andrei Baltacov.

In the meantime, the local authorities state that they cannot make any decision, as they found that there is no owner of the warehouse on the documents. Almost 50 percent of the former warehouse's assets were destroyed.

"We put up signs that say 'Dangerous to life', but unfortunately people don't react to it. They continue to dismantle the building, although I can't imagine where these building materials can be used, they are saturated with chemicals. Unfortunately, this building does not belong to the district council, we can't do anything", says Taraclia district vice president, Lazari Dermenji.

The pesticides were removed from the Taraclia warehouse between 2013-2014 by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova, with the support of NATO.

Doina  Pozdirca

Doina Pozdirca


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