Moldovan Farmers Forge Stronger Ties with German Agricultural Chamber

Ten farmers from the Republic of Moldova are conducting a study visit in Germany to gain insight into the experiences of local farmers who are members of the German Agricultural Chamber.

The German farmers highlighted the benefits of this partnership, emphasising that all members of the Agricultural Chamber receive specialised consultation, fair and mutually advantageous cooperation, and estimates of investments and profits are made within the organisation in a maximally transparent manner.

"We receive comprehensive support for all business-related questions, regardless of the issue, whether it's construction or animal breeding," said Friedrich von Scherenberg, a German farmer. "We can address any problem to the Agricultural Chamber and receive detailed specialised consultation to justify our economic decisions."

Moldovan farmers noted that it is essential for all producers in their country to align with European Union standards in the agricultural sector, as they will only benefit from it.

"To join the European Union, we must adapt to the EU's agricultural practices, as our current rules would not be applicable," explained Nicanor Buzovoi, a Moldovan farmer.

The benefits of the agricultural chamber's support are particularly evident in special cases such as floods, where the organisation has helped farmers without additional costs and they were able to recover, effectively saving their businesses.

The project of law on agricultural chambers was voted in the first reading by Parliament at the proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture. The chambers' activities will be funded through membership fees, consulting services, donations, and other legal sources.

The model of organisation of agricultural chambers in the Republic of Moldova will be mixed, with the state facilitating the process of creating and institutionalising regional agricultural chambers while also granting them total autonomy in their activities.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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