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Millions to Vote in European Parliament Elections on June 8

Voters in Slovakia, Italy, Latvia, and Malta will vote on Saturday, June 8, in the elections for the European Parliament.

Rainer Hackenberg / Alegătorii tineri din Italia
Sursa: Rainer Hackenberg / Alegătorii tineri din Italia

Polling stations in Slovakia opened at 7:00 AM local time, and in Italy, voting will begin at 3:00 PM, reports DW.

In Italy, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, from the far-right party Brothers of Italy, expects a significant consolidation of her position. Voting in Italy will continue on June 9.

Most countries will hold the ballot on Sunday, for example, Romania, where local elections will also take place. However, for the European elections, the Romanian state opens 52 polling stations in the Republic of Moldova. Thus, Moldovans with Romanian citizenship can help decide the composition of the future European Parliament. Romania has 33 out of 720 deputies, while the most places, 96, go to Germany because it has the largest population in the union. In the European Parliament, deputies do not group by country but by political party. The largest groups are the European People's Party, Social Democrats, Liberals, and Greens.

A total of almost 360 million voters, including nearly 65 million Germans, are eligible to vote in the elections for the European Parliament.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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