Moldova Crushed by Ukraine: Prep Gap Exposed

The Moldovan national team (Tricolorii) acknowledged in a post-match statement that Ukraine had comprehensively outplayed them.

Several Moldovan players conceded that the early goal disrupted their game plan. They further admitted that the significant margin of defeat highlighted the work required to reach the level of their opponents.

Moldovan captain Vadim Rață reflected on the match, stating, "The game did not start as we had planned, and it significantly disrupted our approach. The disparity in preparation between the two teams was evident. Ukraine benefitted from a longer training camp and additional friendly matches."

Vitalie Damașcan, another Moldovan player, commented on the physical disparity between the teams. "Their superior fitness level was clear, and they possessed a significant advantage in pace. However, we must look for the positives. This match served as a valuable test, exposing areas where improvement is necessary."

Moldova's coach, Serghei Cleșcenco, acknowledged Ukraine's superior quality. "We must recognize that the Ukrainian team operates at a much higher level. Their qualification for the European Championship finals is a testament to their strength. While Ukraine is a formidable opponent, our own lack of physical preparation for the match also proved to be a factor."

Following the match, the Moldovan players departed for their pre-scheduled break, while the Ukrainian national team set their sights on their upcoming participation in UEFA Euro 2024, which will be held in Germany. Ukraine's first match is scheduled for June 17th in Munich, where they will face Romania.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

Radu Galbur

Radu Galbur


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