Political Turmoil in Moldovan Parliament: Disruptions and Debates

UPDATE: The session was paused for 30 minutes. PAS deputies requested the convening of the Parliament's Permanent Bureau session.

UPDATE: After more than an hour's pause, deputies resumed the plenary session amidst protests by opposition deputies affiliated with oligarch Ilan Șor. They are blocking the central podium and chanting anti-government messages.

INITIAL REPORT: A tense situation unfolded at today's session on June 13th at the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. The session was interrupted after several deputies affiliated with fugitive oligarch Ilan Șor obstructed the central podium. This occurred as parliamentarians were discussing a bill aimed at providing the National Bank of Moldova with additional tools to ensure financial system stability.

MP Denis Ulanov requested exclusion from the agenda, but the proposal was not accepted.

"I understand that some members of a criminal group want to steal another billion," said PAS deputy Radu Marian.

Ulanov attempted to respond to Radu Marian but was interrupted by the Parliament's president.

"He didn't mention your name. If you have proposals for the agenda, Mr. Ulanov, I am aware of your audacity not just from hearsay. I ask again, do you have proposals for the agenda? Keep your composure. I repeat in Romanian, present proposals for the agenda. When we reach project 168, you will have time to address questions to the author or the committee president," Igor Grosu told him.

"Mr. President, you leave me no choice but to approach your microphone and speak into it," Ulanov remarked.

"For the threat you made, I am giving you a public warning," Igor Grosu replied.

It should be noted that MP Vasile Bolea, a member of the "Renaștere" (Renaissance) party, attended today's Parliament session wearing a t-shirt bearing the inscription "Putin Team."

"Putin Team" is also a Russian clothing brand. The garment worn by Bolea costs 2,990 Russian rubles, equivalent to about 590 Moldovan lei.

"Putin Team" is a movement announced by Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin in 2017 to support Russian President Vladimir Putin and his 2018 presidential campaign in Russia. Initially, this movement aimed to mobilise young people in support of President Vladimir Putin, presenting him in a positive light and promoting his image. However, Ovechkin later condemned the war initiated by Russia in Ukraine.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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