Participants in the Rubicon marathon crossed the finish line near the Soroca fortress

From Palanca - to Soroca. Hundreds of people ran, again this year, on a route of 540 kilometers, through 16 districts of the Republic of Moldova, including those in the east of the country, as part of the Rubicon marathon. The race lasted three days, and the finish line was near the Soroca fortress, where the participants were awaited with polenta, steak and boiled wine.

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Each marathon participant independently chose the distance they wanted to cover, the route being divided into 51 segments. For professional athletes, this ultramarathon is a unique opportunity to participate in an outstanding sporting event at home. *"It was very hard. I slept very little, a maximum of two hours a day. Friday morning, we started from Palanca and finished here.

Personally, I did 200 kilometers"**, says Victor Guștiuc, one of the participants in the competition.

According to the organizers, the Rubicon marathon is characterized by running in extreme weather conditions. Respectively, the period of the race was chosen based on the meteorological statistics of the Republic of Moldova for the last years. Athletes say the Rubicon is not a race of speed, but one of endurance.

"It is an event for those who are strong, for those who have not only physical but also spiritual strength, because the event is organized in the hardest period of the year - the month of February. The day with snow, wind and rain is especially chosen. It depends on the year", says Maxim Zorchin, one of the organizers of the competition.

At the finish, each participant received a prize, depending on the result and the distance covered. Also, at the Soroca Citadel, the local people also organized a celebration for them, and those who came to welcome them had the opportunity to taste the culinary delights, prepared on this occasion.

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