Pasha Parfeni: "We will represent the Republic of Moldova at the highest level"

Pasha Parfeni is the winner of the Eurovision national final, held on Saturday, March 4. He will sing the song “Soarele si Luna” (“Sun and Moon”) in Liverpool. Pasha Perfeni accumulated a total score of 24 points. "The Sun and the Moon" was the audience's favorite and garnered the highest score from the jury.

In second place is SunStroke Project with a total score of 18 points, followed by Aliona Moon who accumulated 17 points. We note that Pasha Parfeni accumulated the most points from the jury - 53 and was supported by the largest number of viewers - over 5400. "Emotions are definitely there, but I want to tell you that during these years I managed to accumulate a bit of experience and all these emotions became very productive. I want to tell everyone that we are lucky too, we have kept it as a surprise until now, but actually during Eurovision in Liverpool there will be a solar eclipse. It seems to me a very good sign for us. I want to tell you that we bet from the very beginning, we set a great goal, to win the first place in Liverpool. I am speaking very seriously now", said Pasha Parfeni.

It is not the first time that the singer will perform on the Eurovision stage. In March 2012, Pasha Parfeni won the national selection with the song "Lautarii" and represented the Republic of Moldova in Baku.

The representative of our country will perform at Eurovision in the first semi-final, on May 9, in Liverpool.

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