Dorin Recean in Briceni: More money planned for 2024 in the "European Village" programme

Only two weeks after his visit to Falesti district, Prime Minister Dorin Recean returned to the north of Moldova. On this occasion, the Prime Minister met 25 mayors from Briceni district. The official discussed with local elected officials low salaries and lack of specialists in the public sector, infrastructure, and waste management.

The mayors voiced their opinions in the hope that their initiatives would be supported. They also noted that they would write projects regularly to solve problems in their localities, especially those related to infrastructure.

"There are a lot of problems, but little by little they are being achieved. The "European Village" program, which is very useful, we have applied to two projects, and one we have already implemented - the artesian well which was very necessary for the kindergarten, the school, for the community center", says the mayor of Drepcăuți village, Angela Rurac.

"We have problems with quality water supply. Due to climate change in recent years, we are affected by drought. We would like to access a sewage system. We have a priority because we are close to Briceni, where there is a water treatment system," says the mayor of the village of Grimăncăuți, Vitalie Dvorschi.

The Prime Minister Dorin Recean said that the "European Village" programme launched by the Government and the twinning projects with Romanian localities are an opportunity for the development of the localities.

"Next year looks better in terms of planning more money in the European Village Programme. Secondly, I will repeat what I said at the beginning, please find friends in Romania with similar villages, no matter if they are big or small. From there we can attract European funding," the head of government stressed.

Dorin Recean has also discussed with the representatives of the deconcentrated services in Briceni, the need to facilitate access to public services and create favourable conditions for the development of the business environment. In total, 10 projects have been submitted from Briceni district within the framework of the "European Village" Programme, in various fields.

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