A new military base near Chisinau. Anatolie Nosatyi estimates that construction could take up to five years

A modern military base is to be built near Chisinau. The announcement was made by Moldova's Defence Minister Anatolie Nosatyi during an online broadcast. According to the minister, the military unit will provide employees of the National Army with modern conditions for studies and training and will be used for storing military equipment.

The defence minister says that the processes have already advanced and the feasibility study stage has been completed.

Anatoly Nosatyi also said that the project involves work that will take several years. It is estimated that the military infrastructure near Chisinau will be ready in three to five years.

Money for the construction of the military base was allocated from the state budget.

In 2023, the defence budget is 1.7 billion lei, which represents 0.55% of the Gross Domestic Product.

This is 650 million lei more than in 2022.

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