Recreational space for dozens of children from Ukraine. A playground has been set up in Soroca

A recreational space for dozens of Ukrainian children, where they have access to literature in their mother tongue, internet, gadgets and toys. They feel safe, far from the sound of sirens or the risk of shells. The Steliana Grama Children's Library in Soroca has become an oasis of warmth for refugee families with children. Here, with the support of the Women's Law Centre, a playroom equipped with modern theology and interactive games has been set up.

Biblioteca pentru copii „Steliana Grama”, municipiul Soroca //
Sursa: Biblioteca pentru copii „Steliana Grama”, municipiul Soroca //

Creating a safe and friendly area helps refugee children adapt more easily to a new society. They come here not only to play, but also to learn new things, communicate and interact with their peers. Both the youngsters and adults also benefit from psychological counselling.

Iana, refugee: "I'm glad I have the opportunity to read books in my mother tongue. I can read them in peace and quiet and I like that very much."

Daria, refugee: "I often come to the library with friends to do my homework, read and even play games. It's good that such conditions are created, where we can feel comfortable."

Raisa, refugee: "We have settled here, we come here with love and we feel at home. The children always ask when we go to the library. Since we came to Soroca, the library has become our second home."

Rodica Moraru, psychologist: "There are a lot of problems. First of all, the trauma of the war. Secondly, a lot of women who come here are with their children, and their husbands stayed in Ukraine during the war and this is the main concern. What is important for them, that is integration into our community."

Part of the library space has been converted into a toy library and equipped with both interactive games and modern theology.

Maria Purice, director of the Steliana Grama Library: "It has been totally renovated, with electronic games, a computer, a laptop, children's tables, tablets. It is the only library in the municipality where you can find this lot of books in Ukrainian. Right from the beginning of the war we started working with refugee families."

More than 100 children from Soroca municipality attend the library. It was set up and equipped as part of the "Emergency Response to the Crisis in Ukraine" project implemented by the Women's Law Centre.

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