For the first time, the Republic of Moldova won the Grand Prix at the Sanremo Junior competition

Mădălina Lungu, a young singer from the Republic of Moldova, won the Grand Prix at the prestigious Sanremo Junior competition in Italy. "Sanremo Junior is the contest where Moldova wrote history! For the first time, our country won the Grand Prix at this competition", Rodica Roșioru, Mădălina's teacher at the International School in vocal art "The Talents by Rodica Rosioru", wrote on the Facebook page.

According to her, the success of this 13-year-old child derives from her talent, perseverance and joint work, from effort, immense sacrifice and the support of her parents.

Mădălina Lungu managed to convince the jury that she is the best of the 20 contestants who reached the final stage, stated Rodica Roșioru.

In the final stage, accompanied by an orchestra, Mădălina Lungu performed the song "După noapte vine zi", with which, in 1970, Angela Similea won second place at the Golden Deer in Brașov.

Viorica Rusica

Viorica Rusica


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