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European Political Community Summit // The first official delegations arrive in the Republic of Moldova

The first official delegations, which will participate in the Summit of the European Political Community, are arriving in the Republic of Moldova. The authorities inform that the security measures are installed gradually and have an increased level of flexibility.

he Police of the Republic of Moldova announces that, in the morning, the Chisinau International Airport operates as usual. The landing of the more than 20 official delegations will not affect the flight schedule of regular races for today.

"Between 00:00 (local time), June 1, 2023 - 07:00 (local time), June 2, 2023, the airspace of the Republic of Moldova will be declared a temporarily restricted area for civil aircraft flights and other space use activities. During this time frame, only aircraft flights carrying official delegations to the Summit of the European Political Community will be allowed," informs the Police. The IGP also mentions that with the arrival of the delegations, road traffic on the route Chisinau International Airport - Chisinau will be partially suspended, as the official delegations will go to the accommodation units.

Road traffic will be redirected to alternative routes by patrol inspectors. Ambulances and emergency vehicles will have a special travel regime.

Also, land border crossing points are currently operating as usual. In case the traffic is congested, several special measures will be applied, such as supplementing the number of employees in the first line of control and portable document reading equipment, making the most of the crossing point infrastructure, training in control activities and border surveillance by officers of the European Agency FRONTEX.

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