Dorin Recean, Rezina: Authorities examine the possibility of allocating resources for a new call for local development projects

The authorities are examining the possibility of allocating additional resources to launch a new call for projects under the "European Village" programme, Prime Minister Dorin Recean said at a meeting with local elected representatives and representatives of the Rezina district authorities. The Prime Minister urged them to strive to deliver results in fulfilling the commitments undertaken by the Republic of Moldova in the European integration process, specifying that the pre-accession phase will open access to additional funds.

Guvernul Republicii Moldova
Sursa: Guvernul Republicii Moldova

Dorin Recean noted that the authorities remain focused on advancing the European integration process and access to European resources helps the government to build a resilient state with independent institutions, a well-functioning economy and a more resilient society.

"Economic growth and prosperity await us in the pre-accession phase of the country, when we will benefit from additional funds that will help improve the living standards of our people and the development of our communities. That is why it is important to mobilise to deliver on the 9 EU recommendations. Together we have an irreversible commitment to our citizens to build Europe here at home", said Prime Minister Dorin Recean.

Representatives of local public authorities spoke about funding needs in various areas, highlighting the opportunities offered by the European Village programme.

Topics discussed included local public administration salaries, the revision of property tax, road repairs in localities and the construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline.

The issue of social assistance was also discussed.

According to the Prime Minister, this system needs to be reviewed so that the categories of people benefiting from it are better targeted and people are encouraged to take up work.

"The contribution of the local public administration is important in this process," Prime Minister Dorin Recean stressed.

Prime Minister Dorin Recean visited the Rezina district. He visited a furniture factory in the village of Cineșeuți and a tourist boarding house, a family business run by Moldovan citizens who had returned home from abroad, and an artisanal cheese factory.

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