A WHO technical mission came to the Republic of Moldova. Development and quality assurance of medical services, on the agenda

A technical mission of the Regional Office of the World Health Organization for Europe came to the Republic of Moldova. The mission led by the Head of the WHO Office in Athens for the quality of medical services and patient safety, Joao Breda, had a meeting with the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Health, Angela Paraschiv.

During the meeting, the development and assurance of the quality of medical services and patient safety were discussed, namely: the development of quality management structures as distinct structural subdivisions within hospitals, the control of infections associated with medical care, the control of antimicrobial resistance, but also the strengthening of the evaluation field and health accreditation.

The technical mission was in Chisinau for three days, during which the experts met with medical staff from the National Public Health Agency, the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, the National Medical Insurance Company, the Transplant Agency, the National Transfusion Center Blood, Republican Clinical Hospital "Timofei Moșneaga".

The WHO Office in the Republic of Moldova constantly supports the initiatives launched by the Ministry of Health in order to improve universal access of the population to quality and safe medical services, a key component in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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