Future of Farming on Display at Moldagrotech

Agricultural machinery and equipment, modern technologies, solutions for intensive crop production, fertilisers, and plant protection products can be found this week at the "Moldagrotech" exhibition organized at the "Moldexpo" Center.

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Over one hundred agricultural companies from the Republic of Moldova and abroad are present at the event.

Agricultural companies that presented modern equipment that can be used for high-performance agriculture were present at the exhibition.

"Agricultural drones can process agricultural land and replace standard equipment. These machines are more efficient than traditional equipment and represent an innovation for agriculture," said Iurie Roșca, a representative of an agricultural company.

"This seeder represents 50 years of experience and is a novelty for farmers in the Republic of Moldova, especially considering climate change," said Andrei Pavlenco, a representative of an agricultural company.

Companies from countries such as Austria, Italy, Hungary, and Romania also participated in the exhibition.

"Here, you can see a brief overview of a juice production line. It starts with the washer, then the pressing part, and finally a combination machine for bottling," said Istvan Siklodi, a representative of an agricultural company from Hungary.

Some farmers came only to get acquainted with the new technologies, while others had a shopping list prepared from the start.

"We want to buy a tractor and a cultivator. We had a difficult year for cultivation and sowing, so we'll see how we can manage it – we may need to look for additional financing or credit"; "I think it's been 20 years since I've been to an exhibition like this... I also bought equipment, a refrigerator for storing fruits and vegetables, I bought a tractor";

"I came first of all to get information. We first get information from the selling companies and after we have received all the offers from the companies, we contact them," said the visitors.

Presentations and thematic seminars will take place during the four days of the exhibition.

"New technologies, digitalization, and the farmer meet here to learn and receive information from the first source about the new possibilities that farmers have. They are very important for the development of agriculture itself," said Vladimir Bolea, Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry.

The "Moldagrotech" the exhibition is at its 43rd edition and will be open at Moldexpo until Saturday.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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