Bashkan's Battle: Political Motivations in Alleged Financing Scandal

The initial court session in the case of the illicit financing of the former "Șor" party, wherein Gagauzia's Bashkan, Evghenia Guțul, stands accused of complicity, was adjourned due to the absence of Russian translations of the criminal case materials, as the Bashkan is not proficient in Romanian.

Guțul was in attendance and asserted her innocence, claiming the case to be politically motivated at the behest of the ruling party. In response, Adriana Vlas, the spokesperson for PAS, emphasised the necessity for justice to prevail in this matter.

"We understand this to be a contrived case. As previously stated, there exists no tangible evidence, and I do not acknowledge guilt. Regardless of the actions taken by the PAS party, led by Maia Sandu, justice will be served. This is a fabricated, politically motivated case, and I am being judged solely due to my position as Bashkan of Gagauzia," declared Evghenia Guțul.

Adriana Vlas, representing the PAS, countered Guțul's accusations by emphasising the imperative for judicial due process to ensure resolution in all high-profile cases.

The proceedings in this case are scheduled to resume on May 27th. Prosecutors allege that between 2019 and 2022, Evghenia Guțul, then secretary of the "Șor" party, facilitated the illicit entry of funds into the country from an organised criminal group based in Moscow.

According to the prosecution, these financial resources were utilised for the operations of the outlawed "Șor" party. It was discovered that in the short period of October-November 2022 alone, Guțul knowingly accepted over 42 million lei from the organised criminal group.

Additionally, Guțul was responsible for managing the lists of participants in protests organised by the former party at various government institutions. She also oversaw their remuneration.

If proven guilty, Bashkan Evghenia Guțul could face up to seven years of imprisonment. Another individual implicated in the same case is the former party headquarters' secretary in the capital. She allegedly accepted approximately 10 million lei from the organised criminal group, also intended for financing the party's protests and off-the-books salaries. If proven guilty, she could face up to five years in prison.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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