Bird flu outbreak in Soroca district: Two localities were placed in quarantine

Bird flu outbreak in the north of the country! It happened after a householder from the village of Cureșnița Veche, Soroca district, notified the service of the National Agency for Food Safety Soroca about the death of nearly 200 birds. The preliminary results of laboratory tests attest to the presence of an outbreak of bird flu, and the source of infection would be wild birds on the Dniester River.

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Consequently, a quarantine regime was established for the localities of Holoșnița and Cureșnița in the Soroca district, and nine other neighbouring villages are in the surveillance zone.

The H5N1 virus is highly contagious, it affects domestic birds, but it can also have consequences for humans.

"Together with the Commission for exceptional situations, we informed both the family doctor and the directors of local level institutions, kindergartens, schools, that each director should notify the children", said Elisaveta Coștiuc, secretary, Holoșnița village.

"We know there's bird flu in the village, but we're careful not to get infected."

"We'll be careful not to get infected."

"Let's keep them closed. I'm afraid we'll get infected, but we're careful," people say.

Vehicles entering or leaving these localities are thoroughly checked.

"The cars pass through the disinfection pit, which does not allow the spread of this virus in the rest of the villages," said Alexandru Cobzev, DSE specialist, Soroca.

"We check all transport units at the entrance-exit that they do not have birds, animals, we do not allow them", said Alexandru Bogdanovici, police inspectorate, Soroca.

ANSA employees took safety measures as soon as the first case was reported and ordered the cremation and burial of the birds.

"We assume it is from wildlife, the household is located 70 meters from the Dniester River. There are a lot of wild birds, ducks, and swans. We are taking all measures to identify the source of the infection", said Tudor Moraru, head of ANSA, Soroca.

For a period of 30 days, trade in the markets in the towns under quarantine or in the surveillance area was prohibited.

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