Eurovision 2023: Pasha Parfeni started the international tour to promote the song "Sun and Moon"

Pasha Parfeni, the representative of the Republic of Moldova at Eurovision Song Contest 2023, has started the tour to promote the song "Sun and Moon". Today and tomorrow, the performer is giving a concert in Barcelona (Spain).

"Wow, what a joy to meet our Moldovans in Barcelona! It was literally a pop-up show and a real community effort(...) We felt so much support from our Moldovan community living in Barcelona. I just want to express my gratitude for this heart-melting welcome," the performer wrote on social media.

After Barcelona comes Warsaw, where Pasha Parfeni will perform on 1 April.

The third event of the tour will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel on April 3-4.

Other pre-Eurovision concerts will take place in: Madrid, Spain - 6-9 April; Amsterdam, Netherlands - 14-15 April; London, UK - 16-17 April.

Pasha Parfeni, Moldova's representative at Eurovision 2023, will take to the stage in Liverpool under number 10 in the first semi-final on 9 May. Alongside the Republic of Moldova, representatives from Croatia, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Finland, Israel, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden will compete in the first semi-final.

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